Saahil Bhanot
  • @5aahil
I've been an architect, business analyst and business developer, so bring together human-centric design, systems thinking and consultative selling. During my MBA👨‍🎓, I learnt how Japanese society strives for inclusion of their elderly. It opened my eyes to the many value creation possibilities if we defeat ageism. 'How to transform loneliness😞 to legacy🧙‍♂️?' keeps me curious and my internal compass has gone from:
o 'meaningful inclusion of seniors' to ->
o 'meaningful connect between generations' to ->
o 'helping more problems find their solvers'👥 !

If you're also curious on how our seniors and today's students, social causes, institutions, startups, SMEs, corporates, etc. can mutually benefit each other, then add me up. Would love to brainstorm thoughts & turn into action!

Currently I'm building Sylvr - a business diagnosis & experts platform - combining financial insights, industry & domain strengths of seniors - to help SME Leaders take better decisions. It brings problems and specific needs of SMEs closer to willing seniors with relevant experience and skills. Always keen to connect, chat, unlearn & learn and grow in this direction.
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