Won a hackathon
Developed a Website
We won  Practicum by Yandex February code jam 
Our Team 🎳 - Yuffie Hu, Nitzan Smulevici and I won Practicum by Yandex February code jam 💻. We came up with the idea of a web service that encourages users to spread love by action & to spread positive vibes by publicly sharing the tasks - 100daysoflovechallenge.

🔶 About the Web App
The web app - 100daysoflovechallenge - is a full stack (MERN) app which uses Twitter API and is completely responsive.

🔶 Features of our Web App
1️⃣ Gives you a challenge everyday to encourage you to extend your love and care to someone else.
2️⃣ Have functionality to share your tweet on Twitter. The tweet message has been pre-filled for you with our hashtag  #100daysoflovechallenge.
3️⃣ The webpage also gives the freedom to user to select any other challenge that they might want to try through a slider.
4️⃣ And the best part is that the webpage is connected to Twitter API to pull the list of all the users who have recently attempted the challenge and tweeted it. We even route you to the fellow users' twitter profile who are in this challenge with you.

We had a great time working together. I want to thank Practicum's team for providing us with such opportunities to collaborate and broaden our horizons and my team members for being so supportive and patient with me. 💚

Want to have a look 👀 at our project? Visit the website 👉 https://100daysoflove.netlify.app/