Developed a Website
Am so excited to share the outcome of days of hard work to design & develop a website for National Youth Bike Council (NYBC) - an organization that aims to provide an active learning space for young cyclists to boost youth voice in the bicycle industry through peer leadership. The organization already had a multipage website but was looking to set up a new website using a Content Management System (CMS). The ask was to create a simple web design along with a flexible & organized interface to manage the content.

So grateful to Joshua Funches - the President of NYBC for trusting me with his vision. ⭐️ Do you have a passion for biking 🚴‍♀️ ? I would recommend checking NYBC's website & see how you could get involved with the community.

👉 Features of the NYBC's web app
🔹 Responsive webpage
🔹 A single-page web app with multiple views
🔹 Subtle animations on page scroll
🔹 Custom-designed components for blog posts, dropdowns, and pagination
🔹 Content management by integrating the web app with Strapi, to give the flexibility to modify all the data in the web app
🔹 Images & videos hosted at Cloudinary for fast delivery via CDN

👉 Live Web URL -
👉 GitHub Repository -