Mateusz Baranowski

  • @6vz
  • A Learner, Remote Worker, & Figma Wizard with over 2 years of experience. Currently working at Zespół Szkół Chłodniczych i Elektronicznych w Gdyni, based in Gdynia.
  • Gdynia, PL
  • he/him

Hi! I'm Matt

16yo Developer. CS Student & Designer. For daily basis I use Python, Typescript for backend things, and Svelte for frontend projects.

What I'm Creating

  • Moveit - Mobile app with buses, trolleybuses and commuter train schedule with live updated delays in 3city region in Poland. App was crowdfunded in 2022 and gained in total around 1500 PLN
  • - Private Image host that is using Linux for computing, and Amazon's S3 for storage. So in total, things on main server weight no more than 15MB. Written in Python

I am also working on some more projects that can be seen by contacting me privately. I don't want to list them here.

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