Aarne Salminen
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I have a passion on digital sales and marketing. I learn new every day, because I believe in the power of knowledge.

I have a colorful work and academic history that has given me quite a unique set of tools to work with. I've been 15 years as entrepreneur working in digital marketing, e-commerce, B2C and B2B environments. I've run marketing campaigns on various platforms, tested and optimized them. I've coded modules between e-commerce website, ERP and logistics solutions through APIs and direct database connections, ex. for warehouse automation. I've worked as a server administrator and planned networking solutions. My aim has always been to tackle different challenges head on and I've become pretty good at it. You know, the things start ups have to do today day to day. I guess it is called growth hacking these days, I personally hate the term. But I guess it is trendy so let's go with the flow.

I've studied information technology for 9 years and even though I had to cut studies short, I've continued them privately everyday because of my passion towards internet marketing and modern digital opportunities. My true passion within that field is SEO, not only from technical view but also psychological and practical side of it. But I have done stuff on pretty much all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, TikTok, LinkedIn, blablabla.. I'm a tester by heart. I tend to think platform agnostic, different things work for different companies. Key is finding out through data what works when.

Currently I manage SEO for all Sanoma brands in Finland. For example for news sites: IS.fi and HS.fi; TV and VoD services: Nelonen and Ruutu; Classifieds: Oikotie Asunnot and Oikotie Työpaikat and many more. Few dozen sites in various verticals and tech stacks with M class traffic.

Although my main interest is SEO, I do have a holistic view of internet marketing and have worked in omnichannel environments.

I've always worked hard for my, customers or employers goals, kept an open-mind for new things and had huge perseverance towards achieving them. I’m always up for a challenge.

If you're keen on challenging me, you can easily contact me by email: aarne@aarne.org. I dare you.
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Nov 2017 - Present

SEO Strategist, Sanoma Media Finland Oy