Aaron Buckner

  • @aaron_buckner
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I'm open to
participating in user research,
speaking on podcasts,
beta testing new products,
partnering on side projects,
content creation,
designing clothing,
designing logos,
designing products,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
giving portfolio feedback,
appearing in music videos,
appearing in videos,
editing books,
editing videos,
instagram collaborations,
live streaming,
producing a podcast,
speaking at events,
streaming on youtube,
tiktok collaborations,
writing blog posts,
youtube collaborations,
co-founding a company,
giving product reviews,
fundraising for non-profits,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
brand strategy consulting,
grabbing a coffee,
joining discords,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
creating illustrations,
giving music feedback,
jam sessions,
melody loop submissions,
musical collaborations,
performing music,
studio sessions,
peer editing,
playing tabletop games,
business partnerships,
creating a design system,
designing brands,
design projects,
freelance roles,
full time roles,
giving feedback,
giving product feedback,
graphic design,
having a dinner party,
joining a community,
just chatting,
making videos,
moderating discord channels,
new business leads,
new client inquiries,
organizing marketing campaigns,
part time roles,
planning digital ad campaigns,
playing games,
playing video games,
social media management,
streaming on twitch,
and talking to journalists.


Jul 2021 - Present

Operations Lead, Modern Outlaw