May 15, 2022
Hi folks, I'm pleased to announce that the product I've been working on for a while is LIVE on the App Store.

Its kind of nerve wracking, I've given this product a lot of thought, backed it by tons of research, and got some of the best people to help me build it. Keen to see how the world reacts.

Vrbl is a voice broadcasting network designed to empower and enable expression by including elements of brodacasting,  podcasting and networking withing one platform. Vrbl will give users the ability to broadcast and amplify their voices, feelings, thoughts through mobile devices, in form of audio.

The idea behind vrbl was to build the most authentic, expressive and inclusive space on the internet. I think our stories matter, our identities matter and what we have to say definitely does.

We are trying to preserve and accomodate the truest extension of yourself. I'd love to know your thoughts and appreciate and feeedback.

Here's the link tree: