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Business mentor, LEO Dublin City
Started 6 days ago
Organising StartUp Ballymun, startup event in north Dublin.
26 May
Grow Your Business, Get Digital
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Founder/CEO, TeamScaler
Feb 15, 2022
In 2021 I worked with and advised Vector Remote Care on their mission to revolutionalize the cardiac remote monitoring software space. 

With 40 hires in 11 months, saving them over $800'000 in agency fees. 

Check out the case study here -
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Founder/CEO, TeamScaler
Feb 15, 2022 

Launching an innovative hiring product for startups and scale-ups, helping them to hire game-shifting talent quickly and cost-effectively.
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Marketing Director, Molten Ventures
Aug 11, 2021
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Co-Founder, Overtly
May 23, 2021
2021 Australian Startup Insights

I spend countless hours talking to people in the startup ecosystem. If anyone is willing to have a coffee, schooner or a video call with me to talk about technology, it’s usually an hour well spent. It’s a great way to understand what other people are working on and the challenges in their respective industries.
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COO, Lexon Digital
Aug 25, 2017
After my time in New Zealand I left inspired. My boss at the time was a consultant outside being the head of culture and strategy at 9 Spokes; and before I left he recommended I strike out on my own and build a blockchain consultancy.

Enter: Devine Cryptocurrency Advisors. I know super creative name right? Anyway, it was a struggle but I'm so glad I started consulting in college, it opened so many doors and driven by nothing but passion for the technology, and protecting mom & pop investors I was able to make more than minimum wage ($15/hr) myself and support my team of 3 all while our peers were working in your typical college jobs. Sure we had longer hours but it was worth it.

My team consisted of fellow college friends I looked up to. They each had their own strengths that complimented my weaker points. We had a great time working together and in 2019 when I graduated I put a stop to the company. 

It was time to move into the big leagues for all of us. That's not to say we didn't do some really impressive stuff in school though, I think we went a lot further than anyone at the time thought we would. And there's no doubt in my mind we are all better off now given the experiences we had back then.
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