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Social Media & Audience Development Manager, Coconuts
Aug 03, 2021
It's always a treat to be able to share my journey towards adopting a more sustainable way of consuming fashion! 

I used to be a HUGE shopping addict, spending 3-4 hours at a time before I sleep just browsing online for the best deals. It took a toll on my rest, it sapped my energy & distracted me from focusing on other more meaningful ways of being. I gave our local Chinese TV news channel (Channel 8) a glimpse into one of the things I did to cut out my unhealthy shopping habit- clothes swapping! It's a MUCH better way of circulating good clean clothes within the community to divert it from going to landfill. And since I also volunteer with the clothes swap organisation, I see first-hand the sheer amount of impulse bought clothes that are still perfectly usable, donated for the swap. 

Participating in clothes swaps makes me think thrice about picking up anything new to add to my wardrobe, and trains my brain to reconsider how I consume fashion. ♻️
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Aug 10, 2018
Interviewed by "The Pearl Report" together with Rachel Pang, the co-founder of Water For Free
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Co-founder, Director, Playa
Engineering Manager, PayPal
Dec 28, 2020
Got interviewed on CNA on my role in Project Stable Staples

Full interview here ->
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Founder, Project Stable Staples
Executive Chef & Owner, Comatoast
Mar 21, 2019
One bucket list challenge crossed off my list!! 
I appeared on S1E1 of the Food Network show FireMasters.
It was so much fun, I'm so happy I did it.
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Founder & Creative Director, Little Victories
Jan 24, 2015
In 2015 I appeared on the fourth season of BBC's The Voice UK. The show aired to more than 8 million viewers and I made it through three rounds.

Watch my blind audition > 
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Jun 01, 2020
Thanks to NBC's Tom Kierein!
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