Attended Clarity Conference 2021

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Staff Software Engineer, Slack
Oct 27, 2021

Clarity Conference 2021

Online — October 27-29, 2021

I was the hostess with the mostest.
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UI Designer, PayMongo
Oct 31, 2021
Got a chance to attend Clarity Conference 2021. I'm one lucky person who's got a scholarship. Connect with other Designer / Engineers building design systems.

I will attend the next Clarity Conference for sure. Thanks again to the Clarity team for this opportunity. I will try to document my experience from the talk soon 🤞🏼.
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Alumni, Linguistics & Cognitive Science Major (CS subconcentration), Scripps College
Oct 31, 2021

Attended Clarity Conf 2021

1. Ambiguous purpose leads to burnout. Find what energizes you and use that to define your priorities and boundaries. - Design Systems Burnout, Lauren LoPrete
2. Design is intertwined with addiction. When the focus is on "bigger user bases", "daily active users", addiction becomes the goal of work. Just because we can remove friction doesn't mean we always should. Move fast, break people. - Dysfunctional Systems: Digital Products and Addiction, John Voss
3. Dark mode is more than just inversing the palette. - The Diff After Dark Mode, Diana Mounter

The other highlight was socializing in and playing Drag Queen Bingo with other attendees. The virtual social events were organic and effective at spurring casual conversation, minus the awkward dance of joining a conversing group in physical spaces. I felt like I talked to more people than I would have at a physical conference.
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