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Founder, Pixel Chat
Started 27 days ago
Wooo finally working on a new project! 

Creating a new file sharing service called "Toss To"

More info coming soon, very excited for this one!
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Full Stack Enginner, 100Devs
Feb 25, 2022
Today has been more fun with the NEAT stack. This has been a really fun stack to learn - especially for being my first one.

So far, I've managed to:
  • Integrate a template from HTML5up in to 11ty
  • Configure NetlifyCMS to be able to edit content beyond just the blog section
  • Play with some loops using Nunjucks
I've been using this process to start building out my personal portfolio site. Next step is to build some projects to feature!
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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Dec 19, 2021
Made a small contribution to open-sauced/hot, adding basic tooling and release workflows, as seen in various other open-sauced repositories. Working with astro we hit a couple of bugs and got sidetracked, but ultimately the vite build system proved its worth 🍕
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Fullstack Engineer, ASGO
Feb 03, 2022
I wrote a Node script to automate the process of deploying servers in my current company, and since I'm moving to another company, my boss will find it very useful.

I've integrated 3 APIs, Digital Ocean, Laravel Forge and Discord, to create channels, subdomains and servers automatically in less than 13 minutes instead manually in more than 25.

It started as a side project, but now it's a production ready script.
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