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Board of Directors, Lovesac
Started 3 months ago
Looking for a CTO for! is a new social network focused on developing content for the long-tail food creators focused on ethnic cuisines.  We are VC backed and pre-launch, looking for an incredible CTO to come along on our journey to create joy through food!
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Co-founder, CEO, Mixo
UX Designer, Bohemian Innovation
Apr 01, 2018
Excited to join Shoot as Cofounder and Product Designer! 🎉
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Cofounder and Product Designer, Shoot
Founder, Women Who Startup
Jul 31, 2020
In July 2020 in the thick of the pandemic of our lifetimes, I was on Twitter on a Saturday morning and noticed a new like from someone I didn't know. That was Nash, the Founder, and CEO of Undock and within weeks I joined forces with him and David as the Co-founder and CMO of Undock.

At Undock we're building a new paradigm for how people invest their time with our calendar network that helps you to schedule, host, and document your meetings and ultimately connect you to the people you meet with most without ever having to think about scheduling time together, ever again.

Join me on Undock today, it's completely free and the most powerful way to find mutual availability with your inner circle. 
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Co-Founder, CMO, Undock