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Senior Community Engineer, Gitpod
Mar 10, 2022
Officially joined the Polynaut Advisor program!
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Co-Founder, Audition Cat
Feb 23, 2022
As a Polynaut Advisor to Polywork, I've been helping to guide the platform for artists and creatives everywhere. Here's an article about why Polywork is overtaking Linkedin for my professional networking and my online portfolio.

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Co-Founder, Audition Cat
Feb 14, 2022
Enjoying my morning coffee on my terrace after cracking open this INCREDIBLE box of goodies from Polywork that came in this weekend. Bad news, gang — the sweatshirt is stupidly comfortable and I’ll never take it off. 
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Fellow, On Deck
Dec 13, 2021
The future of work is Polywork. Work is increasingly becoming more flexible, multi-faceted, and creative. 

Being a generalist (aka life long learner) is more valuable than ever. I've had several mini-careers over the decade that I've been in tech. 

  • Music Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Bootcamp Founder 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategist
  • Investor & Advisor
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Head of Developer Relations

Just to name a few. I've never had a platform that amplifies every part of my career. That's where Polywork comes in. 

I've been in love with the concept of this platform since meeting with Peter last year. Due to bandwidth I never gave it the time it deserved and - honestly - my career suffered because of it. 

This year that changes. Polywork is the career platform of the future.
That's why I'm joining the Polynaut program as an advisor. The team can leverage my experience build community, de&i, and web3 to help grow this amazing platform.

Thank you to Hannah Copeland for bringing me on board. There will be more updates where this came from. Onward!

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Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
Dec 08, 2021
✨ I 've joined the fine folks at Polywork as Polynaut Advisor 🤗 
"For your help, name a charity where we donate 500$" - Doctors without borders please 💜  
Let's appreciate the amazing things we do every day 🙌 
Join me with your VIP access: 🚀 
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