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PhD Candidate - SMARTLab - School of Engineering, University College Dublin
Jun 18, 2021
Being mission-focused with something that's considered a commodity these days is difficult.  Imbibe Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland, is attempting to flip that model on its head.  Starting small, roasting well, and giving back to community, both in percentage based allocations to employees and suppliers, as well as larger scale donations to social enterprises or charities where money matters. This, in my opinion, is the essence of community:  the "We" focus versus the "I" focus.  Being able to tap into commodities like coffee and really drill home the aspect of ethical trade is a rare gift and I'd daresay that Gary @ Imbibe has this down.
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Founder, DeFiNet
May 22, 2021
Getting my community going for #NeurodiverseEntrepreneurs!

It's only been a few days, but we have several members and I can't wait to see how it grows!

Feel free to join here:
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