Building a VueJS app

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Data Scientist , Telecom Italia
Started 3 months ago
I’m designing an analytics platform as a personal project to work also on frontend and backend development. 
 * Vue.JS for frontend 
* Flask based APIs for handling frontend requests 
* Dask for computation 
* Model deployment 
* A small visualisation section based on ChartJS
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Product Designer, Metalab
Sep 18, 2021

Built a custom Toast component for our Design System

As part of an interaction, I decided to build our own custom 'Toast' component. I designed this in Figma and built it with VueJS and TailwindCSS.
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Fullstack developer, Squad Leader, Hivebrite
Oct 01, 2018
You're following all Spartan Race around the world and you want to bet on the next winner ? ->
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Senior Ruby on Rails developer, Floorplanner
Feb 03, 2021
Learning VueJS with Vuex, VueRouter and ActionCable websockets
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Product Designer, Metalab
Jan 08, 2022

Designing and building a BPM detection app.

The Audioform BPM app (temp name) detects the tempo of a song from an incoming signal in real time. This can be used to send a signal to Resolume, allowing Lighting Technicians and VJs to sync their show lighting to the live music.
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