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Director of Content Production and Instructor Onboarding,
Started 3 months ago
I have built and maintained a repository of internal tooling for my team to interface with the handful of API's that we need to read and write data to.

We are a rails shop and need to update and sync that database with  Sanity which is a CMS we are incrementally adopting.
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Frontend Developer, Dukaan
Feb 19, 2021
Published a CLI application to look for vulnerable API keys. Its available on npm. Check out Attack-on-Web
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Staff Software Engineer, Abstract Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation
Nov 19, 2020
Released grunt-stylelint v0.16.0, with:

  • Drop Node 8 support (Ed Sanders)
  • Require stylelint 13.8.0, up from 13.3.2 (Ed Sanders, James D. Forrester)
  • Upgrade chalk dependency from ^3.0.0 to ^4.1.0 (Ed Sanders)
  • Pass through --fix to stylelint options (Ed Sanders)
  • README: Fix label of 'fix' option, copy-pasted as 'syntax' (i alarmed alien)

Thanks especially to i alarmed alien for their first contribution to the project!
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Software Engineer, Notion
Started 11 months ago

Infrared: Inferred static type checker for JavaScript

Infrared is a developer tool that statically analyzes JavaScript projects and finds type errors. If you've ever used Flow before, this project is kind of like that but specializing in type inference.

This project fills the gap between vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript: if you want to go all-in on a type system you should use TypeScript. If you want type safety without changing anything in your project, use Infrared.

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