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I have managed the release of a booking appointment web app, as a front-end developer / jack of all trade (I handled the app design, developed the whole front-end app, managed a distant back-end dev, and managed the client myself). The only thing I wasn't doing is back-end development.
It was a challenging project, since the budget and deadline was very tight, and the back-end dev was working remotely and only part-time, which wasn't planned at first.
The application ended up being released on time, and I was proud of it given the many obstacles in our way, and the many hats I had to wear.
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Developer Experience, Begin
Jan 21, 2022
Last night I started toying with SSR Marko.js in a Lambda with Architect. 
I've got the basics or Marko working out of the box, but still piecing together the bundled version with Vite + SSR for the full feature set.

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Developer, Substance Lab
Mar 12, 2008
Developer, Substance Lab
Developer, Substance Lab
Dec 20, 2006
Developer, Substance Lab
Developer, Substance Lab
Jun 27, 2006
Launched the first client project: Pluggd

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Developer, Substance Lab
Oct 27, 2021
I recently participated in a hackathon hosted by Flutterwave and Reloadly.
Flutterwave is a fintech company that provides a payment infrastructure for global merchants and payment service providers.
Reloadly is a cloud communications company specializing in airtime top-ups, voice and SMS applications for developers

Our solution RedeemFund is a crowdfunding platform for skills and courses.
RedeemFund is bridging the gap between the potential funders and the budding techies across Africa. 
Through RedeemFund, people have the tools they need to share their cause far and wide and harness the power of generosity. We are transforming the way people give and changing lives.

The website can be accessed here. https://redeemfund.vercel.app/
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