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Founder, Aletheia Ware
Mar 06, 2022
I built Perspective Daily - the latest in a series of games where players solve 3D puzzles.

A new puzzle is released everyday, getting more difficult throughout the week, can you solve it in the shortest time?


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Mar 02, 2022
Built classic Tetris using c# and  Unity game engine.
link to repo
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Senior Software Engineer, Health Catalyst
Feb 03, 2022
I built Sootly, a word-guessing game with a high skill ceiling. It took about 10 hours over the course of two days.

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Field Faculty, NOLS
Aug 13, 2018
I tried out something new and participated in my first game jam with js13k games. The challenge of the jam is to build a browser-based game in under 13k!

"Offline O.E.C.T" is a Lode Runner style 2D puzzle platformer. I created a tile-based level and leveraging graph-building and Djikstra’s algorithm for enemy AI.

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Jan 11, 2022
Building one classic game every week (at least until I run out of ideas or I am just tired). Why? because I want to improve on my game dev skills. I completed the core structure for the classic game "Snake". I will spend the rest of the week adding effects, sound, and animations.
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I know I'm late to highlight this news but this year I also made my first Unity game in about a week. It was for a game jam and I'm happy to create that small but fun game 🥰🎮🕹️
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