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Contributor to the Executive Director, Hack Club
Jan 02, 2022
Built an app for automating weight and balance calculations for flying using Next.js. Does all the basic weight-arm-moment things, as well as some more advanced envelope calculation.

As this is primarily designed for iPad, I had to deal with an absurd amount of Safari quirks. I also ended up filing a bug in WebKit for one! One of the main things I took from this project is that Apple is really eccentric.

Right now the presets are hardcoded for the specific planes at the flight school I've been flying at. Eventually I may spend the time to make it more of a portable app with a preset management system, but that would add considerable complexity and might even require an account system.
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Frontend dev, Bag-Era
Dec 05, 2021
Updated MapTilaZ to 0.1. A webapp (PWA) to generate array "code" for 2D game map by index or file name.
+ Change logo
+ Add tile collection management (delete/update)
+ Add more settings with your custom theme, rounded btn ....
+ Refactor some parts of code (so fun with svelte)
+ Click, Brush and picker
+ and more
Watch a video demo on my twitter
Demo made with tiles from https://www.kenney.nl
The PWA is available at https://maptilaz.netlify.app/

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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Nov 04, 2021
Made a valuable refactor to open-sauced/docs.opensauced.pizza and some marketing level adjustments after having done a lot of research into docusaurus plugins, the technology powering our pizza docs site. It is now shippable as a docker container and with these changes it would later become downloadable as a pdf handbook!
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Frontend dev, Bag-Era
Oct 28, 2021
πŸŽƒ 🧟 πŸ‘»MORSURE a tiny morse app πŸ•· 🍬 🏚
Halloween is coming soon!
For a night of horror you never know what can happen.
An app to send a message in Morse code could save you from an evil clown. This is why I invite you to install MORSURE (PWA) an app that emits a light signal with or without sound of a custom message in Morse code.

Morsure app: https://morsure.netlify.app/
Website: https://mmm.page/morsure

Features (Version 0.1.0):
  • Write text, get morse
  • You can install it (PWA)
  • Custom colors & timers
  • Display morse code with screen light & audio
  • May save you from a monster 🧟or maybe learn something
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Frontend dev, Bag-Era
Sep 27, 2021
I wanted to try svelte. And I loved it. Just started this tiny PWA to write morse (morsure 0.0.4).Β  Some features to add like settings. Available here : https://morsure.netlify.app/

Good exercice to get an overview of the framework. Feel like writing in vanilla js with the observability included in the language. It's also very fast and lightweight.
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Frontend dev, Bag-Era
Sep 20, 2021
Update VAPI 0.7.1 (WIP)
- Update style and colors on light mode & nav
- Display user settings on home view πŸŽ›οΈ
- Add glass blur

In development, but available on netlify vapi.netlify.app
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