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Staff Product Designer, Compass Real Estate
Nov 25, 2021
Shipped a Figjam Crypto prices widget!
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Lead Product Designer, Wistia
Aug 27, 2021

I Think You Should Leave Database

When Notion launched its API, I was really eager to find a fun project to explore it. I didn't expect I would dive completely into React, but once I started I kept digging. Along the way I learned about Next.js and server side rendering as well.

Check out the I Think You Should Leave Database →
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IT Network Manager, Longridge High School
Oct 08, 2021
I built a new React App to replace the frontend on the companies CRM & Scheduling Application.

This new version made use of TailwindCSS and incorperated a lot of improvements to the user experiance that came from running the old version for the last 2 years.
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Technical Manager, Ed-IT Solutions (UK) Ltd.

Uku Tammet



Engineering lead, Wise
Jan 30, 2017
Helped build Tuleva, the first non-bank pension fund in Estonia.

Estonia's classic pension funds were the worst-performing pension funds in Europe. A few folks crowdfunded the initial 3 million required to start a new one, then we worked through quite a few fun hurdles to ship the initial version of Tuleva, which is based on Bogle's classic thesis of low value market tracking. This entirely changed the market of pension funds in Estonia, where banks have finally started offering worthy competition based on index funds. Tuleva is still the best in town, though.

I still contribute a few times a year.
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Women Techmakers Engineering Fellow, Google
Jul 20, 2021
Built a kanban board.
Trello like website to manage tasks. Drag tasks between lists, sort by
priorities, and add more boards. Built with React, TailwindCSS, and
Material UI.

App: frosty-hoover-c32cd6.netlify.app/

(Github Repo)
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