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Founder, Sundial
Nov 14, 2012
Launched a global art project.

The COLORBOX Project used fabric art to tell stories about the human experience. The project also debuted a novel stacking method to reveal the color ethnography embedded in our day-to-day mindset.

Read about what we can learn from color theory and our daily self-expression here on Medium. 
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Founder, Sundial
Started 1 day ago

TradCal Mindset, The Ugly Liar Problem & The Way Out

Time is our greatest gift, yet our interfaces for time are Ugly Liars. If you don't believe me, open your calendar app and ask yourself to simultaneously consider beauty.

Read the whole piece...

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Founder, Sundial
May 21, 2022


I have updated the GitHub repo of octaValidate and this script is 100% ready to be used in your project.

octaValidate is a tiny Script that helps to validate your HTML forms using validation rules, sophisticated regular expressions, and form input attributes.

I have also included a demo file [demo.html] which you can look up if you need to use my implementation.

Download this script from GitHub


Here's a demo file


Here's an article on medium explaining how to use it

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Co-Founder and CEO, Literal
May 21, 2022
A good interview from Utah Business on Literal.

My co-founder and I first talked about Literal on our way to run with bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

We like to stay we've never stopped running since. :)

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May 20, 2022
This week, I will be rolling out an update to octaValidate.

Take a look at the demo images below.

The image on the left is what the form looks like when validation fails and the image on the right is what the form looks like when validation is successful.

octaValidate is a tiny JavaScript file that helps you to validate your HTML forms using form attributes, validation rules, and sophisticated regular expressions on the client-end.

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Founder, Vrbl
May 15, 2022
Hi folks, I'm pleased to announce that the product I've been working on for a while is LIVE on the App Store.

Its kind of nerve wracking, I've given this product a lot of thought, backed it by tons of research, and got some of the best people to help me build it. Keen to see how the world reacts.

Vrbl is a voice broadcasting network designed to empower and enable expression by including elements of brodacasting,  podcasting and networking withing one platform. Vrbl will give users the ability to broadcast and amplify their voices, feelings, thoughts through mobile devices, in form of audio.

The idea behind vrbl was to build the most authentic, expressive and inclusive space on the internet. I think our stories matter, our identities matter and what we have to say definitely does.

We are trying to preserve and accomodate the truest extension of yourself. I'd love to know your thoughts and appreciate and feeedback.

Here's the link tree: https://linktr.ee/vrbl
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