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Head Analytics & Special Contracts, Helsana
Jul 01, 2021
Successful conclusion of a contract in favour of improving the quality of treatment for patients
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Founder, AHC Art Home Packaging and Trading
Nov 01, 2021
Up to November 2021

Closed agreement with anchor clients - Bee Cheng Hiang, Hai-O Enterprise, FirstMed Malaysia, Stepper Eyewear, Parcel365 etc.

Closed agreement with One Boss Racking.

Assisting on project based courier service agreement with Tiong Nam Logistics on shipments for Huawei Technologies.

Key Account Management for customer such as Suntech Storage, Scan Art Distribution, IEP Sdn Bhd, Emmediate Industry (EMME), ibizzcloud.

Negotiations of courier service agreement with Shopee, N.K. Luck, Hovid Pharma, DKSH Malaysia, Rubberex, Pecca Group.
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CEO, Intern Scale
Jan 26, 2022
🚀 Very excited for Intern Scale ( to be partnering with Softbank-backed Emeritus! They have raised $650m+ in the last couple years and are doing amazing work in the ed-tech space. We are building out a remote summer internship program for several of their teams!

Know any Chief People Officers? Refer us!
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Founder, The Perk
Nov 15, 2021
Closed another 111,000 in ARR this week. The quarter is shaping up well! 
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VP, Partnerships, GameOn
Nov 17, 2021
So excited to have announced a partnership with The Gaming Society. Their mission of elevating women athletes and women's sports is something everyone should be paying attention to. #BetOnWomen
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VP, Partnerships, GameOn
Head of Sales, Nemensis AG
Aug 08, 2021
Closed the first frame contract with a DAX30 enterprise for Nemensis AG
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Head of Sales, Nemensis AG