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Team Lead, Zyro
Dec 09, 2021
Yesteday I watched Ben Awad's coding interview with Dan Abramov. The last challenge they were working on was a find the rabbit brain teaser. After they finished, both of them agreed such interview questions are frustrating because it's not a problem you would ever encounter in software development. I agree, that's why we do interviews differently at Zyro.

But I had to prove them wrong – there are such problems in the real world! 😳 I built an API where the correct URL changes on every request. Here's the deal

There are 100 routes - from /0 to /99. Only one of them will respond with a rabbit. Every time you make a request, the rabbit jumps to adjecent route. For example, if the rabbit is currently on route /20, you make a request to /68, the rabbit will jump to either /19 or /21.

Can you catch the rabbit? 🐰
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Team Lead, Zyro
Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Jun 11, 2021
Received and honourable mention in Cloudflare's The Serverlist June 2021 edition, citing the open source 0-vortex/cf-workers-url-shortener repository.

It's a glitchy social URL links redirect service powered by Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV, featuring a customisable landing page, a custom 404 status page for missing redirects, and one-click deploy!

Check out a live demo version at! 🚀
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Founder and Developer, Edeltech
Sep 01, 2021
On my left, a terraformed multi-account HIPAA-compliant AWS infrastructure. On my right, a marketing team and some cool business domain names. To unite both sides, a little Javascript masterpiece running on Cloudflare workers routing requests at the edge. 

Super easy to setup, secure (proper SSL/TLS certs) and quick to update. (which is noteworthy considering there is a DNS involved ⏳)
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Founder and Developer, Edeltech
Tried out Cloudflare workers for the first time, and I must say it's really easy to setup a new project! Super great docs too!

Created an API that proxies a request to openweathermap so my API token can stay hidden and add caching!

Check it out!
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