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Software Developer, Stack Overflow
Sep 01, 2021
Shipped the Unpinning Accepted Answers experiment. This was an A/B test across all Stack Overflow visitors to compare the behavior between when we pin or unpin the accepted answer.

We looked at how users copied and voted in these two scenarios. We were looking to see no negative behavior emerge to confirm that we weren't causing harm.

I was involved in developing the ability to measure some of these metrics as well as helping to set up the experiment with our internal A/B testing tool.
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Aug 21, 2021
My Highlight: In 1993 when the WWW was born, I already was around.

My biggest "fail": In 1999 i was offered a job in the silcon valley but refused it, because i thought that the "internet" would come to Austria (Europe) anyway. It did. But it took 20 years.. (And Austria is still not the place to be for an internet entrepreneur)

So here I am and can give you one adivse: If you see a chance out there, then try it out. No regrets. 
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Product Management Consultant, Equal Experts
Mar 13, 2020

Redesign of a Product Area

With the goal to increase NPS and reduce the workload of Customer Support, I managed the redesign of the Reclamation Process of home24, an important product area inside the My Account section. 

Quite an interesting project, which required almost the full skillset of a PM:

  • Market Research and benchmarking;
  • Quantitative analysis of internal data;
  • Qualitative analysis with a week spent on-site with CS;
  • Design Thinking Process;
  • Prototype testing and further iterations;
  • MVP definition and project Kick-off;
  • Product Requirement Documentation;
  • Product Development cycle;
  • User Scenarios & User Stories;
  • Definition of Success and Behavioral metrics;
  • AB testing;
  • Data analysis;
  • Communication with stakeholders and management of expectations;
  • Deployment and Go-to-market.

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Product Manager, home24
Product Manager - Android, Google
May 01, 2019
Excited to join Google as Product Manager within the Display Ads business! 🎉
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Product Manager - Google Ads - Measurement & Optimization, Google
Product Manager, Groupm
May 19, 2021
Released new Dashboard and Compliance scoring to a few teams at a time to test effects on engagement.

Coordinated new feature rollout with Customer Success and Training teams to support teams who received the new feature.
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Justin Boogaard


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CoFounder, GoGo Technologies, Inc.
Jul 22, 2021
Optimizing our onboarding funnels and realizing now I should have done this years ago. What strategies or tools have you found led to meaningful insights?
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CoFounder, GoGo Technologies, Inc.