Conducting Customer Discovery

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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
Apr 23, 2022

Meetup with SoulDoodle team to discuss a user need of a new feature

We are considering making a featured page, hence we are in the process of identify user's goals and motivations. My team member and I had a discussion on kinds of questions to ask our users and stakeholder. 
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Founder, Grim Tidings Picture Company
Mar 29, 2022
Currently working on the Customer Discovery and Validation stage of my Startup and have been since the beginning of March. 

I've even started creating a very, very, very basic prototype - nothing too complicated in case my initial hypotheses are waaaay off.

So excited with the possibilities of this but trying not to get ahead of myself!
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Product Manager , freelancer
Apr 01, 2021
As a Product Manager Freelance, I want to help all those entrepreneurs to find, ideate, and develop their product idea.

My mantra is : A real product solves a real problem.

I can help you on the stages of:
- Product Discovery 
- Customer Discovery 
- Product Launch Activities 
- Product Roadmap 
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Product Manager , freelancer