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Software Engineer, Extreme Networks
Dec 22, 2021
I received the below badge from IBM for contributing to an open-source project Qiskit Ecosystem under the mentorship of Iskandar Sitdikov along with Michaël Rollin

Thanks to Iskandar Sitdikov and Michaël Rollin for your support, guidance throughout the entire time, and Thanks to the IBM Quantum team, for this opportunity

Link to the Badge:

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DevOps & Kubernetes Consultant, AKDB
Apr 29, 2022
Made my first contribution to Alpine Linux :-)

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Managing Member, Call Theory
Mar 15, 2022
I removed jQuery from a project! 
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Director of Developer Advocacy, GitHub
Feb 04, 2022
Love seeing the progress Open Sauced is making. Check it out.
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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Feb 04, 2022
Made a minor contribution to open-sauced/hot, removing Dependabot completely and updating release workflows with working diagram generations and reusable GitHub actions! 🚀🍕
Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Taekwondo Instructor, UWTA Taekwondo Center Lynnwood
Feb 18, 2022
Wrote an article for Coffeeclass, an open-source education website,  about using git hooks for a better commit experience. A fun write-up and learned how to do linting and code formating as code gets committed.
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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Mar 02, 2022
Contributed to an open source package vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver that we rely on to make a quick fix regarding the transmissions api to Sparkpost
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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School