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Volunteer, Hellenic Badminton
Mar 16, 2022
We a have just launched a new update as promised which contains our newest addition to Phase 2 of Dasu v2.

With the advancement of Dasu, we had to figure out a way for you guys to be able to quickly start a giveaway without the need to reconfigure and setup your giveaways.

This has been a highly requested feature and we sure do hope you find it as a very helpful way to setup giveaways as quickly as possible! This feature is called Templates.
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Mar 14, 2022
The Transistor team and I just launched a brand new podcast website builder!

This is something Jon and I never believed we could do as a small team. After hiring Helen and Jason in 2001, it became a reality!
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Started 2 months ago
I have an idea, that needs turn to be a mobile phone application.

Which will basically help "desperate men" on the earth who has a woman around him  (wife,and mother, grandma, etc) and need cook something on daily basis. Then they ask him everyday  a well-known/boring/hard question ;

What should I cook today? 😖

Sure that question strongly valid for all genders on the earth who need to eat:) 

İs there any to work with me?

Note : I don't have any money to pay for this. I'm just looking for a collaboration to create & enhance the application together then earn together as long as application being used and/or sold at the end.
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Founder, wiasano OG
Dec 17, 2021
You know this moments/ideas which instandly solve many questions. Questions you were struggeling with so long. I love it. 

Finally we got THE idea how AI can be implemented in our software usefully. I will publish a blog-article about "how AI can help to verify your own target audience" soon.

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Founder, statch
Nov 20, 2021
Earlier today I wrote a quick CLI addon for GitBot to help me add localized help messages for commands more quickly. I'm honestly surprised at how much it streamlined the process - it's a joy to do now!
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Founder, statch
Founder, Crushing Transition
Aug 31, 2021
Got the Polywork icon added to Carrd website builder ✅

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