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Product & UI/UX Designer, Filtered
Mar 23, 2022
A little jelly robot was born today with blender! 👾👾👾

Check it out:

3D animation is so much fun!

Robot tutorial credit to Polyfjord on YouTube
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CEO & Co-Founder, FST studio
Feb 17, 2022
How to represent more than 1000 bags in the same position and with the same light quickly?

Not to mention the shots from different perspectives ... Imagine placing the shoulder strap with all its metal links in the same position.

The 3D technology guarantees photorealistic quality and does not have the defects of traditional photography.
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Designer, Self-employed
Feb 14, 2022

Minimal Mountain landscape

Having a fantastic time making these minimal terrain maps,  looks like mountains or something that you could add to an old map textures. Maybe some D&D map possibilities?
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3D artist, Made in Grae
Dec 06, 2021
3D shards for Pink Yellow's release website!
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Illustrator & Motion Designer, Pinfinity
Dec 03, 2021
I'm finally back in Cinema 4D, feels like home. I'll be modelling our Pinfinity pins for social media adverts and such. I can't wait! The last time I used Cinema 4D was back in R11, we are now on R25.

Shown below is a 3D model I created for my Dad of his custom Harley Davidson build.
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Freelance Social Media Manager, Brand Growth Manager, Freelance
Nov 04, 2021
I scanned my head into a 3D model, and edited it in Photoshop. 

This was my first time using 3D art in my graphic design art. 
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