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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
Apr 21, 2022
45 days in at Tidelift and I've: 

  • Created a influencer program and gained company-wide approval to lift the voices of influential open source maintainers with paid opportunities
  • Standardized our team's support process and responded to over 100 application requests since
  • Created a Maintainer's Perspective promotional video that was widely viewed during a company All Hands
  • Led a team to create new learning paths for maintainers visiting our website
  • Met with various industry professionals for potential sponsorship opportunities for diverse open source contributors
  • Organized our internal Diversity and Inclusion pod around actionable support and sponsorship in the open source community
And I'm just getting started. Wonder what a year will look like! 
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Junior Software Engineer, CoverMyMeds
Mar 02, 2022
Python && Ruby Programmer, Independent Developer
Head of Community Education, Automattic
Jun 14, 2014
I conceptualised, organised & managed an annual community event to build websites for non-profits. It started off locally in Cape Town and has grown to the point where it is now organised independently by WordPress communities all over the world. I wrote the event documentation and built the tooling that local organisers use to make these events happen. Part of my work on the WordPress Community Team is to continue to support these events around the world. You can find more information about the program at
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