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Executive Chapter Member, CodeChef
May 11, 2022
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Navaneeth Venu



Design Lead, Google Developer Student Clubs, MBCET
Feb 12, 2022

Certificate Automation/Bulk Graphic Generation. Made Simple.

Presenting our First Figma Plugin, Generator.

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Founder, Werb
Product Designer, Square
Mar 04, 2022
Search Stickies - search your FigJam board!Β 
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UX designer, Sensetime
Feb 24, 2022
github page

Just developed my first Figma plugin.Β 
Easier than developing a XD plugin...
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Product Designer , MainStreet
Feb 22, 2022
My first Figma plugin is live! Many improvements are still needed, and updates are coming soon 😊!

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I and Alex decided to tweak our pricing strategy for UI Copy, and are now offering a free trial to our plugin.

This goes hand in hand with the Figma launch we did not long ago. So, letβ€˜s see how it goes.
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