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Product, Dropp
Apr 23, 2022
Introducing, on-demand grocery delivery in 1hr ( Instacart for Africa )
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Senior Product Manager, Gatsby
Jan 11, 2022
[In-progress draft]
Product Strategy: Custom Objects in Zendesk

honestly, nearly the entire Zendesk ecosystem --
  • Zendesk admins
  • Zendesk agents
  • Zendesk users who write articles
  • Zendesk users who communicate internally through ticket conversations
  • End-users: Zendesk customers' customers who have problems they need help solving 
the problem(s)
no one business is the same:
every one of Zendesk customers have unique, distinct business operations - their customers are all writing tickets for different problems, and their agents are performing different tasks using external tools to solve those problems.
a one-size-fits-all customer support tool can only go so far: agents shouldn't need to sift through 10s or 100s of ticket conversations to gather context on a customer problem. their admins shouldn't need to create custom fields multiple times to display the same relevant information on Tickets, Users, and Organizations. 
MVP-UH-OH: Zendesk's first version of custom objects was built with very little UI consideration - there are a few minimal admin screens to first get custom data setup, but none for bulk record upload -- users must know how to use APIs (aka know how to code) to get their custom data inside Zendesk.
What's worse: There is absolutely ZERO native UI for Zendesk agents to view and use Custom Objects in their Support interfaces. Even if a customer can code Custom Data into Zendesk, it's not usable unless they sign up for a few early-access beta apps. 

how might we allow Zendesk customers to hyper-customize their support tools based on their unique workflows, whether or not they know how to code?

  • reinvent Custom Objects using custom fields as a foundation: modernize the custom field creation process to allow for further enhancements like templates, and custom validation
  • highlight Custom Objects natively in UI by surfacing their relationships to Users, Tickets, and Organizations - allow Agents to view and manipulate record-level values and relationships
  • ensure steady CRUD operations for custom data - allow for import/export/sync and make custom objects a first-class system object, able to be searched through, filtered and added to lists
lessons learned:
  • oh so many. I'll come back to write this part. 
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Feb 04, 2015
Analyzed SIS codebase, created redevelopment and improvement plan and presented timetables, resource requirements and implementation goals to University Board of Directors. 
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Co-Founder & CEO, Wabi
May 01, 2021

Got accepted into YC S21 with Bluu 

Fun fact: the CEO of Meesho wrote about us and launched for us on Linkedin, announcing we were into YC 😂
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Co-Founder & CEO, Wabi
Jan 12, 2021

+35% CMGR in net revenue and +9k products sold without spending on marketing

We were building Bluu:
Meesho for LATAM. We make it easy for first-time entrepreneurs to sell products to friends and acquaintances over social media without investment. We provide the catalog of products and do fulfillment so all they have to do is sell.

  • One of the 100 best startups from Colombia in 2020
  • 35% CMGR in GMV since we launched without spending on marketing
  • + 9,000 products sold through our marketplace
  • + 6,000 customers
  • + 2,000 products in our marketplace from Colombian suppliers that had never sold online
  • 1 of the 3,000 startups selected by Y Combinator for advisor track with a YC alum as our mentor on startup school. More than 15.000 startups applied.
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