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Full Stack Software Engineer, Nobody
Nov 20, 2021
This is the website is made for my Discord bot ManageBot. I took a template (because I am not the best with CSS) and improved it! I hope you like it. I used my bots simple API that I wrote to display the statistics for the Statistics page.

Go take a look!
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Chief Operating Officer, Moonlight
Feb 24, 2022
Hello, I am TheUnusualDev,

I decided to learn HTML and CSS mid to late December in hopes of becoming a Full-Stack website developer. I have learnt most of HTML and lots of CSS and TailwindCSS.

I worked to start building my first website, it was very bad as it was my first one  ever, but it pushed me and I kept working.

Not too long following that I worked on the website with, Spear.

About 2 weeks following that I started work on my own Portfolio website that is currently here: I never thought I would get to this point but I continue to work towards full-stack. 
As of now I am learning JS, PHP and C# but will go into next.JS as well.

A massive thanks to @callmeh Spear for helping me with everything, I would never have decided to learn code without you.
Another thanks to @Will King for helping me with my coding journey!

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Chief Operating Officer, Moonlight
Chief Operating Officer, Moonlight
Feb 23, 2022
Made a basic portfolio website -- Still working on it!

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Frontend Developer, Self-employed
Jan 21, 2022
Finally completed and excited to share my personal/portfolio website, proudly powered by plain HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript/ES6+, and tons of GSAP flavoured UI animations and website effects.

Check it out!

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Full Stack Developer, Tactable
Jan 15, 2022
Had the task of creating a blog with NextJS + other requirements set out by a job application. Got it done in one go!
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