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Product Designer, Metalab
Dec 13, 2021

Published v2 of the Workshop Toolkit

After creating and releasing FigJenda, I updated my original Workshop Toolkit to include pre-set FigJendas for each exercise to showcase how the tool can be used to improve workshops.

Get it on Figma community ->
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Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
Dec 10, 2021
I've published the 10h+ free workshop about Efficient DevSecOps Pipelines in Cloud Native WorldΒ 

Inspired by a community blog post about Pipeline Efficiency, discussed on Hacker News. ΒΒ 
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Jonas Kuske


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Freelance Developer, helmerskuske
Dec 09, 2019
Created and taught the workshop "Modern UI Design" at University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven (German)
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Head of Developer Advocacy, Fauna
Jan 20, 2020
Created the "Go Serverless!" workshop to help developers build their first serverless application on AWS using Go.
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Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services
Product Designer, Metalab
May 31, 2021

Published the "Workshop Toolkit" FigJam template

I created a "Workshop Toolkit" template in FigJam to help our design team create workshops super quickly and run them more easily with built in exercise instructions.

Get it on the Figma community ->
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Product Designer, Field Effect