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Been diving into Blender these last couple of weeks. My Cinema 4D license is up for renewal and I have been interested in learning Blender ever since the 2.8 release, so I figured it would be a good time to get started learning it.

Made this little guy yesterday while practicing.
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Photographer, Be It Me Not You
Started 26 days ago
Me and a friend are working on a social network where everything you upload is an NFT not for the value but for ownership

On the site you will be able to get paid with our ATSX2 token from the moment you upload your first peace of content or stream for the first time

All this will be on the polygon network with cheap to no Gass fees all this will be done at

If you want to find out more your can read though our white paper 
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Programs Instructor, Operations Specialist, Wall Maintenance, Austin Bouldering Project
Jan 31, 2022
Excited to announce I'm humorously "Selling My Toes" as NFTs! Each graphically designed toe is unique. I'm still pretty new to NFTs, but it's fun learning how it all works.
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Company Owner @ Viratec Interactive, Self-employed
Mar 27, 2022
Started experimenting with NFTs! The first set is the Neon Jelly Bois, a collection of digitally painted Jellyfish in an array of colors. It was also my first attempt at animating a painting within Procreate. Shout out to my digital artists! So much respect for all that you do.

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Product Designer | Design Lead, Vampr
Sep 27, 2021
Second NFT created in @figma

In the middle of The Moroccan Sahara, deep inside the red desert, under the blood moon and bloody dark sky while a shooting star is passing by, I rushed to make a wish which was "I wish my eyes could take pictures'.

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Product Designer | Design Lead, Vampr
Nov 23, 2021
Created first NFT called "Save your brain", we did it a just for fun with a quote.
"When you put your brain in a dirty place, don't expect people to treat you well."

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