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According to the law of Demeter, classes should know about and interact with a few other classes as possible. It is used to loosen the coupling by limiting class interaction with other classes to provide stability as tighter coupling makes the program difficult to maintain.
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Functional Programming:
A programming paradigm that treats computation as the
evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids
changing-state and mutable data.
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An Optional is a container that can either
contain a value or be empty
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"I call it my billion-dollar mistake. It was
the invention of the null reference
in 1965."
Sir Tony Hoare - 2009
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IT Architect, Spitze
Mar 21, 2022
I helped deploying a new backend system for our product. The backend consists of a small microservice that is running on Azure Functions. We use serverless functions because the system is mainly used during business hours. Data is processed using Azure Event Grid. We use Event Grid for simple event distribution in our serverless setup. The advantage of Event Grid is that it is simple to setup and very reliable. We have a state store that tracks state of the entire system (in Cosmos DB). When an entity is updated, we need to fan out and run different operations. For this requirement Event Grid works well. Another advantage of Event Grid that it is easy to add event subscriptions for extending service functionality.

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Mobile Software Engineer, Roksia
May 04, 2022
Google Cloud Platform can be so frustrating at times. But at least their documentation is so good. Sometimes you just be running into weird edge cases smh
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