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Full Stack Developer, Tactable
Apr 12, 2022
After stalling on creating a portfolio page up and running I finally got working 🎉 🔥
Got a lot more planned for this site but whats nice is now  I have a more standard way of  creating frontends. Faced some hurdles while using Nuxt/Vue that I'll probably write about soon but I dig the ecosystem and its refreshing not having to write React code
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Mar 11, 2022
Deployed my first full-stack application.

I present to you, DogTrails🐕!

Hiking and backpacking are two of my favorite hobbies that I enjoy with my adventure-loving rescue, Yani, to relieve stress and spend quality time outdoors! However, I have often found myself sifting through multiple websites before confirming whether a particular trail allows pets on-leash. As a result, my app, DogTrails, was brought to life. With DogTrails, my friends, family and I can keep a record of all pet-friendly trails in one place with easy access.

Link to deployed project on Heroku:
Link to GitHub Repo:
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Operations Manager, LFE, Inc
Mar 24, 2022
I wrote a Substack article on how I recently started an Etsy shop which led me to build my first website. This was a fun spur-of-the-moment activity! I wasn't sure how it was going to end up but I loved the journey.

Things I gained:
  • A personal design challenge
  • Extra practice designing Notion databases
  • A chance to explore a workflow that included applications such as Canva, Printify & Etsy. 
  • Additional API experience 

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Web Developer, Itiden
Mar 22, 2022

So I decided to re-launch something I for some reason called Noise Reactor. It's nothing more than a showcase of my vinyl album collection.

This time I used Laravel coupled with Inertia.js, React, TypeScript and Tailwind CSS and I'm using Pest for testing.

My favourite part about this web app is the admin panel, my plan for the near future is add an integration with the Discogs API so I don't have to manually add new albums.

The source code can be found here
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Operations Manager, LFE, Inc
Jan 31, 2022 was designed using Webflow and deployed with Github an Cloudflare pages. Pages allowed me to deploy a safe static website at no cost. 
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Barista, Rubinstein Bagels
Feb 22, 2022
Started the challenge and finished the initial setup and deploy to Netlify via Github. Finished today by working through the Prismic CMS local development demo. Day 1 of 100 complete!
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