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Web Developer, Self-employed
Apr 19, 2022
Added a new website design to my portfolio!
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Kate Ives



Web Developer, Self-employed
Apr 19, 2022
Added a new website to my portfolio.
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R&D Technical Lead, Triad Labs
Apr 06, 2022
I finally completed a long-awaited revamp of my personal website! I migrated from Jekyll to 11ty and moved the deployment process to Netlify. Don't forget to try to find the Easter egg hidden on the site! (Hint: head to the home page and click the logo in the upper left.)
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Barista, Rubinstein Bagels
Mar 22, 2022
Day 20 of #100DaysOfCode - almost at the end of the rough draft phase. Completed my projects gallery and contact pages using of Netlify forms to handle submissions. Still need to style the contact page and decide how I want to bring in links since they're used in other spots.
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COLAB9 - Developer, Co.Lab
Feb 04, 2022

Ring A Bell?

A react app version of the classic flip card memory game with a tasty theme featuring one of my favourite fast food restaurants.

Some new features I'm working on adding are an option for selecting difficulty and a leader board using Firebase.

06/02/22 Update: Level selector added, as well as a fun surprise upon finding all the matches!

Try it out!

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