Designed an augmented-reality experience

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Illustrator & Motion Designer, Pinfinity
Mar 29, 2022
Today marks 1 year of working at Pinfinity. I've worked on some awesome projects over the past year. Including the huge 12 piece Dungeons & Dragons AR enabled enamel pin set, Magic the Gathering artwork animations, Mass Effect pin designs and so much more! 

I'm looking for to the next year to see what exciting projects we get to work on.
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Illustrator & Motion Designer, Pinfinity
Nov 10, 2021
This is the first-ever augmented reality pin I designed at Pinfinity. Seeing your artwork come alive in AR is so cool. We are just scratching the surface with what is capable. Can't wait to see what the future brings for our pins.
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Aug 14, 2012

Developed for mobile and web design

Here I worked for the first time with a web developer and a 3D artist, where developed the interface for mobile app the augmented reality experience. I also made the first icons for app experiments we were creating at the agency I worked for. I learned a few things about how the connection between frontend and backend works, also how to publish an app on play and apple store. Another great learning was about open source and team collaboration.
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Backend Developer, Trademarkia
Dec 01, 2018
My team and I were the finalist out of 1000s of participants in the National Hackathon, HackerTech conducted by VIT, Vellore. We made an Augmented Reality App built with Vuforia and Unity. The idea was to empower students by adding an extra dimension to their learning with the use of AR. Students can point their phones to their material (like CBSE textbook ) and they would see a 3D model of the diagram or a video.
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