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Senior Digital Creative Freelance, kosmar
Apr 25, 2022
being colorful with google charts
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Senior Digital Creative Freelance, kosmar
Visual Designer, Swiss Re
Mar 03, 2022
Information design and digital assets on socially responsible practices for rental agreements. Client: Zimraum.
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Director MEU Leader Data and Analytics, Mondelez International
Feb 15, 2022
Created a Data Visualization in Flourish
Swiss Winter Olympic Medals | 1924 - 2014 | Flourish
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Creative Marketing Specialist, RocketRez
Jul 15, 2021
Wrote a blog post on how the supply chain and pandemic is making everything more expensive. To do this, I researched the situation and summarised the information into an easily digestible infographic, with facts and charts for citation.

Why Everything Is Going To Be More Expensive

TL;DR: Covid shut down the world.

1. Panic buying ensued - low stock + more online shopping.

2. Pandemic affected number of people working in shipping/logistics due to protective measures and people falling sick. Companies jack up prices due to increased demand and lower supply of containers available.

3. Currency exchange rates fluctuated affecting lower-income nations who produced the goods (who are also impacted by the pandemic).

All three lead to price increases across the board.
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Creative Marketing Specialist, Outstanding Branding
political campaigs and non profit campaigns visual designer, Political
Jan 15, 2022
I developed these infographics as pieces of a political campaign for a councilor in my city
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