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Software Engineer, CertiK
Feb 18, 2022
I developed a machine learning model that can classify food images and deployed it as a RESTful API service using FastAPI, Docker and Heroku

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Student of Software Development, zero to mastery academy
Started 5 months ago
Started debugging my latest e-learning platform
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Jr. Software Engineer, HealthMetrics
Oct 02, 2021
The MEAN stack is fun to work with but I still prefer Vue over Angular(At least for smaller project).
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Senior software engineer, Dolly Inc.
Jan 01, 2021
Deployed my first backend service in Rust.

It's the latest iteration of one of Dolly's core systems which, 6 years ago, was just a single function in Dolly's MVP. I have learned so much by shepherding the design to its current form:

  • observing systemic needs in the company and connecting them to architectural decisions
  • avoiding the "second system" effect
  • being patient with the status quo, but optimistic for something better
  • the primal importance of user interfaces; i.e., interfaces that meet the user where they are
  • when rewriting something, it's easier to change its functionality purposefully than to attempt to keep it exactly the same

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Senior software engineer, Dolly Inc.
Backend web developer, Simpleweb
May 15, 2021
Having wanted to learn about cryptocurrencies for a while, I was curious to see if there was any API that would allow me to get fiat/crypto price conversion.

This led me to develop Crypto Coin Watcher which allows a user to set up alerts for price variation, daily or weekly price alerts, or threshold alerts for certain currencies pairs e.g. ETH<>GBP, DOGE<>GBP, etc.
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Backend web developer, Simpleweb
Mar 15, 2021
Having wanted to play with PHP on AWS Lambda for a while and having used Bref and Serverless (although briefly) in the past, I wanted to try and develop an app that would allow me to do git-based deployments to make the dev workflow of PHP, Lambda, and Bref similar to my day-to-day dev one.

I have therefore developed GitPack which allows you to git-push-to-deploy your Laravel apps to Lambda. This makes use of a Linode server for a centralised git remote repository (via Gitolite to orchestrate user permissions), and still makes use of Bref+Serverless to actually deploy
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