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Software Developer, Microsoft
Apr 02, 2021
Made a backend for accepting subscription emails for my upcoming game unescape.

I used
  • Netlify functions to host the api
  • MongoDB for collecting emails
  • Google Captcha to prevent automation
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Software Developer, Microsoft
Sep 15, 2020
Developed an atom plugin to automate the workflow of a competitive programmer participating in CodeForces Contest.


A codeforces helper that can test, run, present and submit solutions on codeforces.



  • Fetch and load details of a live codeforces contest ⚡
  • Automatically create an environment for contest including working files 💻
  • Run code with official sample cases of any particular problem 🔭
  • Compare your output with expected output in a elegant manner 📺
  • Get your code verdicts like OK ✅, Wrong answer ❌, TLE 🕒, MLE 🛢, Runtime error or Compilation error ⚠, Queue ⏳, Hacked ☠️
  • Submit 🏳‍🌈 your code from your favorite text editor
  • Get your official standing of the live contest 👥
  • Play minigames while you wait for the contest 🎮

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Software Developer, Microsoft
Oct 12, 2021
I tried 3d camera tracking and managed to track a short video at the best of by ability.

I used Blender to track the video, along with it's node compositing system to enhance the overall video.

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Software Developer, Microsoft
Apr 18, 2022
Picked up a freelancing job to make an opensource project.

Android on Web

Live Experience 🌈:
Github: blueedgetechno/androidInReact

An open-source project that aims to provide an indistinguishably accurate experience of Android on web.

The project leverages different JavaScript Web APIs to imitates the Android functionalities and CSS animations to bring life into it.


  •  Home page, App icons
  •  Bottom Navigation bar
  •  Widgets like google search
  •  Calendar, Date, Clock Widgets
  •  Quick menu from slide up
  •  Recent menu and apps
  •  WhatsApp Application
  •  YouTube Application
  •  Google Search App

Dev Features

  •  Flexible and Scalable
  •  Easy to add custom Applications
  •  Easy to bind with existing system
  •  Built-In Navigation system per app
  •  Modular Applications and their styling
  •  Proper state management with Redux
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Software Developer, Microsoft
Nov 02, 2021
I participated in Game jam called GameOff 2021 🎮 hosted by GitHub, with theme "bug" 🪲.

I present you, our submission,  

Christmas Land vs Alien Invasion

We managed to secure 87th rank out of 525 entries 🎉.
A game
  • made in unity
  • C# as scripting language
  • 3d modeled in Blender
  • Along with music and SFX
Gamepage 🎮:
My profile 👤:

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