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Brand Designer, Foodmoni
Oct 23, 2021
Hi. New update!

I recently completed a brand identity design for Lavine Perfumes - a natural perfume brand that utilizes nature's essence to provide alluring fragrances while differentiating itself within the industry.

To see more of this case study, click here - Lavine Brand Identity
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Design Lead, Recidiviz
Nov 10, 2021
Having fun with some jar labels.
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Co-founder, Neon Island Clothing
Nov 08, 2021
Designed new logo and stickers for Neon Island Packaging.
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Creative Director, Outwork Media Pvt Ltd.
May 20, 2020

Brand Design

Just got done with the complete brand project for PhilaDalhpine Jewelry inclusive of the jewelry box design, carry bag, and business cards.

I did create a Behance Project for this brand, here's the complete case study 👉 BEHANCE
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Co-Founder, Crea Bulls
Oct 28, 2020

Hypnotic IPA Beer Label and Package Design

Label design and Package Design for Hypnotic APA Beer – YT Brewing Company.
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Head of Design & Marketing, Huvan'dhu
Jul 14, 2021
Label designs for Huvan'dhu products.
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Head of Design & Marketing, Huvan'dhu