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Freelance Software Developer, Upwork
Mar 24, 2022
Working on the design for my latest SaaS (name to be determined)
Users will be able to create waitlists for their upcoming projects, not just some simple email subscription but also they will have the ability to customise their waitlists and protect routes on their backend, all of this in a simple and easy low-code solution 
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User Experience Designer, SystemSpecs Technology limited
Feb 20, 2022
I discover and define a problem, and then propose a solution on how to deal with it.

I design digital products people love
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In Build Mode, Internet
Started 3 months ago



  • Figma
    For final UX design of app.
  • Miro
    For mind mapping and wire-framing.

Project Management

Personal Productivity

  • Notion
    For note-taking, ideation, content and CRM management.

Last updated: 2/21/2022

* Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash 
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In Build Mode, Internet
Feb 08, 2022
Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD– I've been bouncing around between these UI and Prototyping apps for the last few months and decided to stick with Figma for now. Figma seems to have a better community and more integration options with other tools, such as ClickUp– another app I decided to use over Jira/Confluence.

I like Sketch, but when searching for how-tos and other queries, I find the brand name stands against easily finding what I'm looking for. Being a generic design related term– the search results stack-up with SketchUp app and other sketch related topics.  

Recommendations for Figma master tutors and other great relevant links would be appreciated.
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Software developer, LinkedIn
Dec 29, 2021
Designed Github profile today ✨  Checkout my profile ->
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Lead Product Designer, Scoppe
Nov 26, 2021
🏡 Nouveau nom, nouveau logo et nouveau site !
Très fier d’avoir travaillé sur la nouvelle identité de Casap 🌈

Bravo à toute l’équipe et spécialement à Maxime Lebastard, Théo MAGDA & Raphaëlle Moustial pour leur confiance !

Casap Agenda est aujourd'hui l'outil de centaines d'agences pour proposer la prise de rendez-vous en ligne à leurs clients. Avec eux, nous avons déjà amélioré l'expérience immobilière de plus de 50 000
personnes. 🤯

Lien du site en commentaire 👇👇

#branding #proptech #casap #design
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