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IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Dec 07, 2018
Battleships the Game

  • Team of four tasked with recreating Battleships the Game

  •  Website for Battleships the game using a JavaScript front-end and Java back-end using Maven. Complete with Java unit tests
  • Worked in an agile workflow by splitting the project into four two-week sprints 
  • Created code for placing and attacking ships. Added two new weapons sonar pulse (revealed portions of the map) and space laser (ability to attack submarines) 
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IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Mar 20, 2020
Hockey Stats Website

  • Created a Python Flask website with full MySQL CRUD features

  • Implemented with a RESTful API (GET/POST/UPDATE/DELETE)
  • Built with Python Jinja and Bootstrap to create an easy to use website interface
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IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Mar 20, 2020
Canvas LMS Mock API

  • Team of two created an Canvas Learning Management System mock RESTful API

  • Created Node.JS express server to implement the entire RESTful API
  • API handles login and authorization. API also handles GET/PATCH/POST/DELETE of courses, assignments, users
  • Complete with JSON Web Tokens, Node BCrypt, Mongo Database backend, RabbitMQ, Docker Compose
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Core Engineering Intern, Tower Research Capital
Nov 14, 2021
Launched my first Android application! KGP Launchpad is an application that eases the lives of freshers at IIT Kharagpur. The application includes study material, societies’ information, guides and fundae for various stuff, institute lingo and many more.

It required data collection, design for the application, backend service development, mobile app development etc. So, it was a group effort. My role was mainly in the development, both frontend and backend.
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Associate Developer, FedEx
Aug 19, 2021
Created a basic quiz express app. 
  • What I learned: 
  • how to set up express
  •  connect to mongodb
  •  implement basic CRUD functionality
  •  create a schema for the quiz
  •  routes for the api

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Director of Product Design, Delving
Jan 08, 2016
Contributed to Usergrid 2.0 – SDK development (Node.js, iOS)
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