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Founding Designer, Glean Data
Jan 28, 2022
Creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive work place is super important to me. One of the most important ways that manifests is the people that you work with everyday. As part of the hiring process, we've implemented some specific questions around micro-aggressions in order to get an understanding of how the candidate thinks and feels about them.  Since a person's experience with racism, homophobia, sexism, and ableism is squishy and terribly hard to evaluate, I've created a rubric to help identify signal to whether or not a candidate is high risk for perpetrating micro-aggressions. There's a lot more to this story, but  I wanted to share the rubric as it is now, and that its so far effective. 

Often we pose hypotheticals in order to understand a person't thinking process and somatic experience. For example
"You notice a colleague use the wrong pronouns for your teammate several times. What might you do or not do?"

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Head of Product, TAIKAI
Jan 19, 2022
New feature alert!

This is huge. We have been working on this new feature at TAIKAI for the last few months. We create the first assessment tool that rewards top candidates with crypto. 🔥

If you want to know more about Hiring Challenges, ping me!

More is to come. Stay tuned!
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Head of Product, TAIKAI
Growth, Specify
Mar 09, 2021
As an early-stage company, hiring top talents is challenging.

According to a study from First Round, 75% of founders list it as their main concern. As for remote-first companies, it’s no exception.

So, when I designed the application process to hire our new team members in the marketing team, I started to look at how other remote companies handle this challenge for inspiration and best practices. I analyzed processes from 50 B2B SaaS companies like Clearbit, Help Scout and Zapier.

Here’s what I found →
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Growth, DynamicScreen
Product Management Consultant, Equal Experts
Jun 12, 2020

Recruitment Process - Product

Developed a 3-steps recruitment process for PMs, User Researchers, and UX/UI designers, including first screening, interview questions, and test cases, and conducted interviews with job candidates.
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Senior Product Manager, Masterplan