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Systems Analyst, University of the Fraser Valley
Jan 28, 2022

I developed and released FormStore

FormStore is a frontend JavaScript library that enables "autosave" in HTML forms via the IndexedDB browser cache.

I ended up designing and implementing some large, multi-step forms for one of my contracting roles; since the forms would often take more than one session to complete, I needed some sort of caching solution. I abstracted my solution into a package, FormStore!

Check it out on NPM, or see the source code on GitHub

or if you just want to install it and use it in your app, you can install it:

npm install @tinybox-software/formstore

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Designer & Founder, Refuse
Jan 15, 2022

Just released a Processing library

based on Björn Ottoson's Oklab color space, for perceptual color-picking within the Processing environment.
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Designer & Founder, Refuse
Software Engineer, Pinhome
Sep 06, 2021

Published `eslint-config-sznm` package

Some of my projects share similar eslint configs, so I thought why don't I just made my eslint config to be shareable configs?
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Staff Software Engineer,
Aug 06, 2021
I've started revisiting interview code challenges to clean up and complete them. The most recent one I had to do was a least recently used cache. As is basically always the case, I hadn't built one of these since college, except for occasional interview assignments. So I had forgotten the specifics of how it's done, in an algorithmically optimal way. I fumbled through it and came to what is roughly the correct solution, although due to time pressure and artificial constraints I made some choices that were less than optimal. I cleaned that up and fixed the poor choices, including writing unit tests for 100% coverage. This took about 90 extra minutes. We'll see how it goes, but I plan to keep doing this for future coding challenges. If nothing else, it could be something to talk about in those future interviews.
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Software Architect , Kraydel
Apr 08, 2021
Introducing Hallo - an implementation of the Hypertext Application Language (HAL) format for ASP.NET Core. Even though it is at V3, I have never really publicised the library.

The philosophy behind Hallo is that hypermedia should be content negotiated and that generation of hypermedia responses should be separated from core service logic. Hallo provides a foundation to for writing HAL generators, and utilities to handle content negotiation and serialization of HAL documents as HTTP responses.
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Software Engineer, DALI Lab
Jun 26, 2020
Developed an extensive linear algebra library in Swift.

Implemented the following features:

  • 1D Matrix class/struct to allow basic operations like multiplying, subtracting, and adding with conventional operators like Numpy.
  • Cholesky Decomposition
  • LU/LUP Decomposition
  • Householder Transformation
  • QR Decomposition and Algorithm
  • Other matrix operations.

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