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Software Developer Advisor, FedEx
Started about 2 months ago
Successfully deployed new feature for our Kafka cluster to leverage kubernetes secrets.

Here are the details to do it yourself:
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M.Eng. in Software Engineering, Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm
Started 3 months ago
Currently working on rebuilding the Publish API of the Crossload Redaktion, to publish events, topics and posts to crossload.
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Full Stack Developer, Crossload
Head of Product, TAIKAI
Jan 19, 2022
New feature alert!

This is huge. We have been working on this new feature at TAIKAI for the last few months. We create the first assessment tool that rewards top candidates with crypto. 🔥

If you want to know more about Hiring Challenges, ping me!

More is to come. Stay tuned!
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Head of Product, TAIKAI
Product Designer, Spocket
Started 5 months ago
Einsen - Widgets! is coming in a few days. I’m excited, because who doesn’t like widgets?

Hey folks👋, currently I've been working on the Widgets for my Open Source Task Prioritisation app called Einsen.

🚧 Widgets in WIP:
  • Dashboard widget
  • Task widget
  • Notes widget
  • Compact widget

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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Dec 16, 2021
Integrated a transportation SAP module to our Family Transport app 
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Software Developer, 34ML