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Developer, Berkeley High Jacket
Apr 04, 2022
I rewrote The Rail Map in Next.js, allowing for a complete mobile-friendly redesign using TailwindCSS, and mapbox-react-gl. 
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COLAB9 - Developer, Co.Lab
Feb 04, 2022

Ring A Bell?

A react app version of the classic flip card memory game with a tasty theme featuring one of my favourite fast food restaurants.

Some new features I'm working on adding are an option for selecting difficulty and a leader board using Firebase.

06/02/22 Update: Level selector added, as well as a fun surprise upon finding all the matches!

Try it out!

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Front-end Developer, Retornar
Sep 27, 2021
During the React Bootcamp second half, we've developed a web application with data persistence in LocalForage. The Markee App consists of a markdown editor with a preview board.

Besides React.Js, were also part of the experience best practices and project organisation well accepted by the community.

Main technologies used on development:
Styled Components

Markee App features:
New file creation;
Title and content editing;
Title and content rendering conditional the active file;
Select active file to be shown ;
Error and sucess messages displayed for the user;
Status automatic update between 'editing, saving, saved', also displayed to the user, with symbols;
File's deletion once X button is clicked;
Hover effects on buttons and links.

Netlify link to the App:
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