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SDE-1, Procedure Technologies Pvt Ltd
Mar 22, 2022
Your work going live is different kinda happiness. This was a cool project to work on had a good time with it.
Built the landing page of Aerotime from scratch and worked on parts of Ruttl website.

The aerotime website got featured on the homepage of
@OnePageLove under Latest Website Inspiration.
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Lead Developer, Boston University
Feb 09, 2022

BU's Diversity Learning Toolkit is live!

This was a great project to work on.  The Diversity team at BU are a fantastic group of people, and I was proud to work on this project.  I provided the backend fields and templates for our excellent designer to  implement her vision.
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Web Developer III, Boston University
Developer Advocate, Suborbital Software Systems
Oct 01, 2021
One of my fave things we collaborated on!
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Senior Frontend Developer, Distribute Aid
Oct 01, 2021
Together with my team at CodeSee, we launched OSS Port!

To support Hacktoberfest, we decided to create a community to connect open-source maintainers and contributors.

We built this website using Gatsby, Netlify, the GitHub and CodeSee APIs, and a lot of coffee.
Principal Software Developer, CodeSee
Contributor to the Executive Director, Hack Club
Jan 19, 2022
Proud to introduce my new personal website!

I stripped it down a lot, replacing wonky designs with more text content and personality. Personally a much bigger fan of the new design than any previous ones, despite the simplicity.

I also built an API for, uh, stalking me. I'm looking forward to using the historical data I'm storing on my IRL activities for some neat datavis in the future.

See it at
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Web Design & Branding, Webviso
Jan 29, 2021
Created a website for an industrial business located in Chicago.
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Web Design & Branding, Webviso
Jan 08, 2022
Developed a website for Lako Engineering, an industrial business located in Chicago.
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