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Shopify Developer, Your Shopify Guy
Apr 26, 2022
Here is a travel app I built with Vue
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Founding Cohort Member, Women Build Web3
Mar 06, 2022
Web3Con 2022 participant: Team Treehouse

Awards: Polygon's "Best dApp Build on Polygon" bounty

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EZ Tickets App

A ticket booking app made with flutter using a REST API made with node js. I am open sourcing it for you guys to learn. This project is definitely worth looking at if you want to learn advanced flutter concepts. 
If you like it, a star on github would be great🌟😁

The apks for downloading are available under the releases tag in github aswell as on this drive link. 



The project is open source so feel free to fork and contribute. 

I'm also attaching the screens and video. Thanks❤️

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Cloud Engineer - API & Infrastructure, Epsilon Solutions USA LLC
Jan 04, 2022

Wrote an article about my brief journey through the HarperDB+Hashnode hackathon 2021
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Pharmacy Tech, Family Foot & Ankle
Dec 18, 2021
I developed a Golang app

I recently started working as a Pharmacy Tech and have been compiling and updating my daily data in spreadsheets. Doing this manually was a little too tedious and time-consuming.. so, a few weeks ago, I decided to write a program to give me a hand.

Since I don't have admin access on my computer at work, I heavily preferred a zero-install solution. I had previously experimented writing in Go and thought it would be a perfect fit for my scenario.

After a few iterations, I ended up building a small executable application that takes in the path to a text document containing my formatted data as input and outputs the processed data as an excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets.

It's saved me a significant amount of time at the office and I'm pretty happy with it. =)
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Software Engineer, Tines
Dec 30, 2020
Built an app called Gallery in a team of three. It is a social gallery and image annotation app that allows users to upload images, annotate existing images, and upvote or downvote existing annotations.

We were learning about distributed systems and was going to implement technologies we've never used before, which was quite exciting. We wanted to make yet another messaging app until I thought aloud about annotating lyrics on and how people share memes/art - the project suddenly came to life. 

We scoped out the "structure" of the system: Spring boot as the backend, MongoDB as the database, React as the frontend, Keycloack for user authentication, Elasticsearch to search, Eureka for service discovery, and Zuul for the API gateway. My main responsibilities involved implementing the users service, the client, and testing the application.

One of these days, I'll figure out how to host it on AWS and preventing pictures that aren't wholesome memes 👁👄👁
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